Amador City Business & Community Association (ACBCA)


President: Melanie Unguez, Community
Secretary: Amy Clingan, Business: Serra
Treasurer: Corinne Moore, Business: Wine Tree Farm
Events Director: Eric Rewitzer, Business: 3 Fish Studios
Fundraising Director: Koney Austinn, Community
Member-at-Large: Joy Jennings Danziger

We are thrilled for everyone’s participation as volunteers for the business and community association. Thank you to these board members for giving their time to this community!

Now, more than ever, ACBCA would like your support for our unique and lovely little city. We cannot keep our businesses/town alive and bustling without your assistance. Your participation helps us continue historical preservation, scholarships, beautification, create events, and to simply operate.

Amador City Business & Community Association (ACBCA) is a Registered 501(C)3 Non-Profit.

We would love to have you join us!